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Love Philly Food gets some love.

Love Philly Food gets some love.

Love Philly Food was highlighted in the Philadelphia Business Journal

Roy at the University of Oklahoma

Next week Roy: Dream Catcher will be screening at the University of Oklahoma through the School of Art and Art History. Thanks to Dr. Alison Fields and the School for bringing us in. If you are in the Norman, OK area please come on by!:

Project 2012: Education Apocalypse

Tonight we will be screening a unique short film that combines narrative, documentary, and music video forms that was created by the youth from Art Factory. I served as a Teaching Artist on the project and am amazed and proud of the work the students produced:

Summer of Movement: This event is a combination of Prodigies and Art Factory’s summer Youth Works Projects. Prodigies will be screening a documentary, and a slideshow of photos, and selling positive graphic shirts all of this created by Youth. Art Factory will be screening their docu-music video, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. There will be free food, music, and fun!

Las Parcelas Garden, 2240 North Palethorp St. North Philly


The following graphic illustrates that 41.3% of all Kickstarter projects are unsuccessful in their campaigns, while only 51% of film projects are successful. For more insight, read the ariticle posted by AppsBlogger: Kickstarter failures revealed! What can you learn from Kickstarter failures?


How I Raised $125,000 on Kickstarter – NoFilmSchool

While we are conducting are next few crowdfunding interviews, here is great insight from Ryan Koo who raised $125,000 for his feature Man Child.

Here’s what I learned from running a $125,000 Kickstarter campaign for my feature film Man-child, which became the most funded project in Kickstarter’s narrative film category — for just one day, it turns out.

via How I Raised $125,000 on Kickstarter – NoFilmSchool.

Crowdfunding Interview Project #2

Upcoming: Interview #2

Students have long relied the kindness of friends and family to fund their films.  In out next interview we chat with Temple University student Justin McGoldrick, Director of Gravel, to see how he used crowdfunding to make his senior thesis film. As opposed to using Kickstarted, Goldrick used the less popular RocketHub.  We talk to Goldrick about this choice, and continue themes started in our first conversation with David Miranda Hardy. In the meantime, here is Goldrick’s appeal for money:

Crowdfunding Interview #1 with David Miranda Hardy

New revenue streams or are we still hitting up the same classed-based networks?

The first interview in the Crowdfunding Interview Project is with Chilean born filmmaker, David Miranda Hardy, whose film, Topo Gigio is Dead, was successfully kick-started for around 6% of the film’s total budget, and was seen as a way to literally kick-start the project.

Admittedly, Miranda Hardy came into the digital domain of crowdfunding without too much prior knowledge.  He approached on-line crowd funding in a modest manner–something more akin to the real world crowd-funding of asking your friends and family. This opens the discussion to what I am sure will be guiding questions of this investigation. Who does the crowd constitute? Does crowdfunding allow us to tap into new revenue streams or are we still hitting up the same classed-based networks?

To read the full interview visit:

Love Philly Food

Yesterday, we launched our Love Philly Food website and premiered Bill’s Crepes. Take a look!

March 1: Bill’s Crepes | Love Philly Food.

The new Love Philly Food Website


Here is the new trailer for my film Roy: Dream Catcher.  The website is in the works and will let you in on that soon:



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